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Center for Ethics welcomes Steven Holmes…

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What We’re Reading 09/21/20

Political Divides, Conspiracy Theories and Divergent News Sources Heading Into 2020 Election Bermix Studio / Unsplash COVID-19 has disproportionately depleted finances of Latino, Black, Native American households: Survey Could Ginsburg’s death be the biggest election...

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What We’re Reading This Week 09/14/20

Who’s interested in “slow journalism”? Turns out, mostly the same people who are into regular ol’ fast journalism Voters’ Attitudes About Race and Gender Are Even More Divided Than in 2016 How the journalism industry’s elitism locks out folks from underrepresented...

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What We’re Reading This Week 09/07/20

The Atlantic tried to artistically show gender dysphoria on its cover. Instead it damaged the trust of transgender readers. When journalism and Silicon Valley collide Journalists perceive stories published in local news outlets to be less newsworthy The Ballot aims to...

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