FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (UARK ) — More than 300 people attended the Center for Ethics in Journalism forum titled, “Midterm Elections:  What Happened & Why,” at the Alumni House Wednesday (Nov. 14) evening.  

On hand to talk about the midterm elections and political coverage were veteran journalists Sabrina Siddiqui from The Guardian U.S., Julie Hirschfeld Davis from the New York Times, Arlette Saenz from CNN, and visiting distinguished professor Steven A. Holmes who is CNN’s Standards & Practices executive director. All panelists have covered various elections over the decades.

While midterm elections was the topic, the panel told students that any type of coverage — in this case politics — is important. All four made journalism suggestions, “don’t give up — be persistent,” Holmes said.  Other suggestions included: say yes to every story, and cover what may be boring topics really well. 

The event featured live Twitter interaction from those in attendance and other locations nationally.