Raymond McCaffrey,
Office – (479) 575-2626
Email – rmmccaff@uark.edu

Ray came to the University of Arkansas in 2014. He worked for more than 25 years as a journalist, including eight years as a staff writer and editor at the Washington Post. His career includes work as a reporter, columnist and writing coach at the Colorado Springs Gazette. McCaffrey holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Fairfield University, a Master of Arts in clinical psychology from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and a doctorate in journalism studies from the University of Maryland. His dissertation, Tributes to Fallen Journalists: The Evolution of the Hero Myth in Journalistic Practice, argued that a hero mythology surrounding journalists who have died on assignment developed in the 1920s, soon after the adoption of state and national journalism ethics codes and the opening of the country’s first journalism schools.

Renette Smith McCargo,
Assistant Director
Phone — (479) 575-7047
Email — rmccargo@uark.edu

Renette has a B.S. in Radio and Television and an M.S. in Mass Communication from Arkansas State University. She has been recognized by various organizations for her reporting skills and work ethics. With more than 25 years of experience in media and communication, Renette has worked in radio, television, print, marketing, and higher education.

Emily Thompson,
Graduate Assistant 
Phone — (479) 575-6540
Email — eet002@uark.edu

Emily is a graduate student at the University of Arkansas’ School of Journalism and Strategic Media, with a focus on narrative news writing. She earned her B.A. in  journalism from the U of A in 2019. She covered agriculture rural Arkansas for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture for three years. She has been published in newspapers across the state. 

Gerald Jordan,
Ethics Committee
Office – (479) 575-6306
Email – gjorda@uark.edu

Gerald is an associate professor in print journalism at the University of Arkansas. He has a B.A. in journalism from the U of A, and M.A. in journalism from Northwestern University. Jordan was a Neiman Fellow at Harvard in 1982. He worked at the Philadelphia Inquirer as a Washington correspondent and assignment editor for many years. He has also worked for the Kansas City Star and the Boston Globe.

Gina Shelton,
Ethics Committee
Office – (479) 575-7255
Email – ginas@uark.edu

Gina is a former national reporter for The Associated Press, where her 17-year career included five years covering the U.S. Supreme Court. She is a second-generation journalist and graduate of Mississippi State University. She was recognized as University of Arkansas Faculty Member of the Year by the ASG in 2016. In addition to teaching, she oversees students in pursuing top journalism and public relations internships. She is also the director of the Lemke Journalism Project, a high school multicultural reporting program that teaches media literacy and ethics to young people from diverse backgrounds.