Introduction to Codes of Ethics: 

Every profession has a code of ethics to help guide the decision making of its practitioners. Because journalism is closely tied with healthy democracies, it is important that journalist maintain an ethical standard in the pursuit of truth. There is not one code by which all journalists practice, but most professional journalists in every variance of the job value honesty, independence, fairness and the minimization of harm to the public.

Society of Professional Journalists

Members of the Society of Professional Journalists believe that public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy.

National Press Photographers Association

The National Press Photographers Association, a professional society that promotes the highest standards in visual journalism, acknowledges concern for every person’s need both to be fully informed about public events and to be recognized as part of the world in which we live.

American Society of News Editors

The First Amendment, protecting freedom of expression from abridgment by any law, guarantees to the people through their press a constitutional right, and thereby places on newspaper people a particular responsibility.

Public Relations Society of America

This statement presents the core values of PRSA members and, more broadly, of the public relations profession.

Institute for Advertising Ethics

The explosion of new technologies is changing the marketing and advertising landscape both domestically and globally.

Radio Television Digital News Association

Journalism’s obligation is to the public. Journalism places the public’s interests ahead of commercial, political and personal interests.